Success Story: Mr S.

Physical therapy does more than help a patient get back on their feet, we look at the whole person and meet them where they are in order to help them get back on their feet and achieve their goals. Suffering from a fall or accident can be life-changing for almost anyone facing a debilitating physical condition.

Mr. S came to our facility after having a fall at home, he worked with one of our caring physical therapists and developed a treatment plan that best suited his needs. Mr. S was very excited each morning to participate in activities and to follow the plan and goals he helped design with the therapist. After a few weeks he started seeing improvement in his quality of life, and returned home with home health services. After several months passed he returned back to the facility to show us how well he has done since being discharged.

Coming to Edgewood according to Mr. S was one of the best decisions he could have made. Residents get treatment from people who care about the whole person, not just the diagnosis their coming in for. Mr. S states that he loved the fact he got an individualized treatment plan to help him achieve his goals.

Mary Hartfield


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