Success Story: Mr W.

When Mr. W first admitted to Edgewood Manor for a leg fracture he was very depressed and afraid because he had always been independent and he did not know what to expect. The first night was very difficult for him and he stayed up all night worrying about his healthcare needs. When therapy came to evaluate him they ensured him he would be okay and they would work really hard to get him back home. Although tired, he cooperated and worked hard. The second day was a much better day and throughout the remaining of his short stay Mr. W continued to work hard, he regained his strength and was able to return home feeling happy and accomplished. The day he was discharged he actually was able to walk to his car without any assist, the smile on his face said it all.

I get so excited when residents set goals with us for themselves and work hard to achieve those goals. This allows me to know we are doing something great at Edgewood.

Mary Hartfield


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