Success Story: Ms. Delois C.

Ms. Delois C. progress in therapy has been nothing short of miraculous. Her family and her therapists are amazed at what she has accomplished; in the short time she has been a resident at Edgewood. Manor. Ms. C. decided to move in with her sister several years ago when they both realized they needed each other’s company since they are both in their mid to late 60’s. and have no other family in area.

Ms. C ended up in the hospital in late February 2019 when she started displaying confusion and was not herself she was unable to walk even short distances. Mrs. C was diagnosed with having a severe UTI. Ms. C states when the social workers at the hospital informed her the doctors wanted her to go into a skilled nursing facility for some rehab she stated she did not hesitate to tell them she wanted to go to Edgewood Manor located in Texarkana TX since she had been a resident before and this would be her third time around. Ms. C stated she knew if she returned to Edgewood the therapist and nursing staff would work really hard to return her to her prior level of functioning. After a couple of weeks Ms. C had regained her strength and completed her medication regimen and was able to return back home where her sister and Ms. C have been able to resume their normal day to day activities

Ms. C. says she would recommend Edgewood Manor to anyone who need therapy for short or long stay or if they just need some TLC.
– Ms. Deloris C

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