Success Story: Ms. Edith

Ms. Edith was one of our favorite patients of all time. She was a poster child for hard work and determination. She arrived at our facility requiring extensive assistance to transfer from her bed to her wheelchair. Her first day in therapy was difficult due to extreme pain and swelling in her right leg. Because of Ms. Edith’s background in the medical field, she knew that if she wanted to return home she would have to work through the pain. Rarely did you see Ms. Edith without a smile on her face even during the rough patches. She always had a funny story to tell, a memory to share, and an encouraging word for the other patients. Soon she was transferring independently, walking, and becoming more independent every day. We sure will miss her. But we wish her and her canine pal Izzy all the best!

It was a pleasure serving your patient’s rehabilitation needs.

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