Success Story: Rosemarie J.

Rosemarie J. came to Edgewood Manor following a hospital stay that left her a little weak. She was having trouble keeping her balance and her memory had worsened while in the hospital. Since then, Mrs. J. has grown much stronger, able to walk all over the facility with her walker. Her balance is much stronger, she enjoys interacting with other residents and bounces the ball with staff with very little assistance, she is able to bend and pick things up with no problem. She uses the techniques our therapy department showed her to find her way around the facility on her own, which was difficult due to her memory deficits. She’s going home soon, we are so excited and happy for her!

“At times I felt like giving up, but the care and love all the staff gave me kept me going. The therapy department was so wonderful and has really pushed me to get where I am today. Because of them, I get to go home soon!” – Rosemarie J.

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