Therapy Success Story

Richard S. arrived at Edgewood on September 25, 2017 he was transported via stretcher assisted by two EMS personnel.

While out one night he suffered a major fall that resulted in a right hip fracture and abrasions on both his upper and lower body because of these injuries he had to have assist by our staff with all adl’s, transfers and repositioning.

Our physician, Dr. STRINGFELLOW ordered Mr. S. to have PT/OT which in the beginning proved very difficult and trying for him but he continued to work hard and started showing progress every day, he soon became stronger and stronger and got to the point that he no longer required two people to assist but only one and then he got to the point he was able to transfer himself and ambulate in w/c self-propelled. Our staff was very excited to see his progress as he became to regain his fine motor skill. Mr. S. will be leaving us in a few weeks moving into an assisted living community.

Ladonna Sorenson, (903) 793-4645 or

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