Therapy Success Story: Melody M.

Melody M. Was admitted to Edgewood manor on 10/2/2018. A customized rehabilitation program was implemented to address functional deficits related to the diagnosis of c.Diff. After successfully completing the therapy program at Edgewood manor, mrs. Melody was discharged home on 10/22/2018. Mrs. Melody entered our facility with a diagnosis that required her to stay in her room under isolation precautions. She diligently performed her exercises and activities in her room, but was anxious to get in om the fun she could hear right down the hall. After isolation precautions were lifted, mrs. Melody rapidly gained the strength and endurance she needed to increase her functional ability for adls and socialization. From admit to discharge, mrs. Melody went from mod assist with walking when necessary to walking distances of 200’ and greater with stand by assist with a walker. Mrs. Melody’s motivation and safety awareness improved greatly during her stay and we had great expectations for her continued improvement with home health services after discharged from Edgewood manor.

Ladonna Sorenson, Therapy Director, (903)793-4645 or

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